With the EcommerceWiki we hope to offer the ecommerce community a place for collecting and sharing all ecommerce knowledge; from branding and performance advertising, to merchandising, selecting and ecommerce platform and managing social media.

Our ambition is for the EcommerceWiki to become the global ecommerce handbook. Currently, there are many websites and blogs covering ecommerce news and insights. However, detailed 'how to' information is difficult to find, not very well organized and not always reliable.

We invite experts from all corners of the world to contribute.


Everybody can join the EcommerceWiki and  contribute as Expert. 

By Sharing your knowledge with the community, you will help others to improve on ecommerce.

In return, you will be able to improve your own knowledge through the contribution of other experts, contact these other experts and have the chance to position yourself to a large audience as an international expert in your field of expertise.

You can also become a Curator. A Curator is responsible for the maintenance and growth of a Topic. Curators are expected to lead the development of "their" Topic. As Curators invest time and energy, they also benefit in several ways.


Interested in becoming a curator?


The EcommerceWiki is growing rapidly. Some key facts:

  • Unique visitors: 50,000 p/m, with a growth rate of 20% per month

  • Accounts: 38,000, growing with 1,000 per month

  • Topics: 50+ chapters

  • Reports: 400+ reports

  • Courses: 20+ courses

Companies can sponsor one or more Topics as Hosts. As a Host you receive the following benefits: 

  • Your logo and the link to your company's website will be published on every online page of the Topic.

  • Your personal photo (we can adjust the photo per country) and the link to your company's website will be published on every online page of the chapter as contributing Curator. 

  • The opportunity to present yourself even more as a key expert in your field to a large audience

  • The opportunity to get in touch with other leading experts in your field from all over the world. You have access to the contacts details (one on one) of alla participating experts. 

  • You will receive the contact details of all people who downloaded the Topic's content (if permission is given)